Monday, October 29, 2012

Here comes Frankenstorm

I haven't had a chance to update this weekend, but right now I'm just hoping we don't lose power in my neck of the woods here in NJ. The rain hasn't let up since last night and the wind is blowing something fierce--it already took down a pretty hefty part of a tree in my yard half an hour ago. Looks like Hurricane Sandy is already well on her way...

The picture below has been circulating on Facebook the past couple of hours. I'm not sure who the credit goes to, but it's been cited as a picture of Sandy bearing down on New York this morning. Apparently this photo tends to circulate whenever there is a major storm, but no, that's not Sandy (note the people in the motorboat and relatively docile waves)- but it IS a beautiful photograph.

Image credit: unknown
These pictures, on the other hand, are the real thing. 

Image credit:
The previous photo was taken in Atlantic City, NJ (whose layout inspired the property names in the board game Monopoly), which is almost completely under water-- and the storm still hasn't hit full-force. As of now, Sandy still has yet to make landfall in New Jersey.
Image credit: NASA

NASA put together a time-lapse animation of Hurricane Sandy as seen from a satellite 22,300 miles above the earth. Images of Sandy were taken every minute from 7:15 AM until 6:30 PM yesterday (Sunday, October 28th). All of the images were then compiled into this animation, where you can see Sandy on the move (they were even kind enough to put in the outlines of the coastal states!). Watch the video below:

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